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Case Study: A leading Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer with multiple outlets.

Ascent was commissioned to help them in defining their Strategic Directions and improving Operational efficiencies.

During the diagnosis phase, Ascent identified gaps in several areas affecting the efficiency of the organization. Among these are:

  • Unclear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Unstructured budget planning
  • Internal business dynamics that restricts profitability

Ascent conducted an internal assessment and environment scan of the company which provided the needed information for benchmarking and identification of suitable application tools and models. Using the applications, Ascent recommended the following:

  • Firming up of Strategic Directions
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Redefining of roles and responsibilities
  • Setting up of a system for Budgetary Planning and Control
  • Adoption of suitable planning and operational tools to improve business dynamics and profitability

As a result the company has achieved consistency in their business processes, developed and installed a system of planning and review of their budget vis--vis its performance; and developed a culture of teamwork, openness and sense of ownership; constituted self help groups in customer complaints and employee grievance; and installed an IT training and development program built on the Japanese Quality Circle Model. Added to the planning process resulted in a significant reduction in inventory turn-around time from 3 years to 1.

Case Study: One of the Top On-line Trading Companies

Ascent was engaged in the process integration exercise of their total franchisee operations across the globe for use and adoption. The job involved identification of processes and sub processes; drawing up dependency and interdependency matrix; and concluding process flow charts with cross functional linkages along with standard operating procedures both in English and Arabic.

The process mapping was done using BPMN tools with Tasks Descriptions highlighting roles and responsibilities using the 5Ws and 1H approach (What, Who, When, Where, Why and How) along with dependencies and interdependencies and key performance indicators for the tasks.

Ascent, through a series of workshops and meetings with their top executives completed the process maps of their operations using MS Visio and BPMN for the Flow Charts and narrative representations using Excel well ahead of the agreed timelines.

As a result, the company is has achieved the following:

  • Adopted their functional oriented working structure into a process ori